My Edublog Awards nominations (#eddies11)



There so many things I want to write about but there are things that are more important than my feeble thoughts. The Edublog Awards nomination post is always a great way to look back on a year. I always find myself running out of time because it takes far longer than I expect. In some categories you have your number one nominee straight off but with others you have 2-3-4-5-6-… contenders. I add the usual disclaimer – this is an absolutely random list of people I admire, respect and learn from every day. If I wrote this post on another day, there would be different people on it.



It is a lucky learner who is hard put to find the best among the best teachers. Let me give it a go here:

  • Best individual blog: 

Jason’s fantastic blog: Whatever you are lookign for you can find it there. Good old Aussie humour, serious  mediation, useful ideas, great children’s reading stuff, you name it.

  • Best individual tweeter:

David Deubelbeiss, David’s a master of putting a lot into 140 characters, I envy and admire him for this.!/ddeubel

  • Best group blog:

Connected Principals – A bit voyeuristic look into how decision makers think. This blog has grown into one of the most influential administrators’ blog at light speed.

  • Best new blog:

Brilliant format, fantastic contributors, a great idea.

  • Best ed tech / resource sharing blog:

David Kapuler’s frequently updated blog succinctly describes the free tools teachers would find useful and interesting. His posts usually end up in my diigo bookmarks, too.

  • Most influential blog post:

I love Vicky Loras’s blog challenge: What’s your story?

  • Best twitter hashtag:

#ELTChat!/search?q=%23ELTchat – brilliantly run and fantastic exciting conversations between great people

  • Best teacher blog:

This has to be one of the Turkish ladies. Sultan’s posts are insightful, interesting and engaging, I always look aout for them.

  • Best free web tool:

Tough one. Dunno. Prezi has revolutionised the way I approach presentations. And they are a really talented bunch of young Hungarians and this fact fills me with warmth….

  • Best open PD:

I love the Virtual Roundtable conference:

  • Lifetime achievement:

If I have anything to do with it, this one goes to Marisa. She is irresistible and inexhaustible, a pure joy to hear, read, see. Yes, it’s her: Marisa Constantinides

Best of luck to all of those nominated, thank you all for the intellectual challenge  you provide me with on a daily basis. You guys rock.


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7 thoughts on “My Edublog Awards nominations (#eddies11)

  1. Hi Tamas!

    Thank you so much – a very big honour and a lot of motivation to keep blogging! I really appreciate it.

    I hope you are well and your family is too! A big hug to Sophie : )

    Many many thanks,

  2. Vicky, you are an inspiration and although I have not yet posted my response to your challenge, it’s a post I keep returning to with a nice cup of coffee and feel the warmth of getting to know people I like even more. Yes, please keep blogging, you inspire and motivate many of us.
    Family is great. Jasmin smiled for the first time properly today, and Sophie is just a miracle to watch.


  3. Hi Richard,
    I do love the idea a lot. Thanks for coming up with it and popping by.

  4. I don’t know what to say, really, Tamas, to your absolutely amazing nomination.

    Gobsmacked, would be a good word.

    I guess it’s because I still feel like a novice and that there are so many other more deserving members of our PLN out there …

    I am truly honoured that you, of all my PLN, had this thought because you are very special to me and I have really missed our conversations on Twitter and your blog (but also know how life can swallow you up).

    I am so happy you are back :-)

    Thank you so much.


  5. Marisa, Although I kept quiet this year, I read all your posts followed many of your tweets and Facebook updates. There are hundreds of English teachers around the world who have become passionate English teachers because you showed them the value of passion and learning. For me, eversince I started followign you, I got something from you: a good laugh, a good idea, something to think about, something to chew over for days and days. To my mind, this is what a true educator does; and it’s a life-time achievement. So, briefly. Thank you, a lot.

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