I have been planning a sort of big comeback (again!) with new posts and new pages and new topics, when on Thursday night I read the post I am re-posting below. I got really scared when I first read the post. Over the last two years Shaun’s invitation to vote for the topic we wanted to discuss, occasionally joining the actual conversation on Wednesdays but definitely reading the brilliant summaries and listening to the podcasts has become part of my weekly routine. Always wanted to do more and get more involved but it never happened. Reading Marisa’s post for the first time, I was more and more worried that I’ve missed this opportunity. But it’s great to know that there IS a website (soon to be fully functional) and the most importantly: the people are are there. Thank you Marisa and the fantastic team for coming up with a solution and – at considerable extra work – you keep it going.

I have been a great admirer or everything #ELTCHat: the dedication of the founders; the ever-growing number of participants; the fantastic summaries; the podcast; the amazing variety of topics, and the kind of conversations you wished you ‘d had with your colleagues at school.

I am re-posting the original blogpost as well as the list of all the bloggers who have done so before me (they are definitely people you would want on your RSS reader anyway).

I am doing this to show my support for an solidarity with this great bunch of people and express my excitement for PLAN B.

This is also a great reminder that these things happen and how you deal with them shows real character and has the power to encourage and enthuse even more people.

And here’s the post as you can find it on Marisa’s blog


For the last – well, almost two years now, since September 15 2010, #ELTchat has kept us on our toes and forged hundreds of professional and personal relationships amongst its followers who turn up on Twitter every Wednesday to talk about topics they have suggested and voted on – a community of peers which was created by a small group of colleagues – which grew and grew some more and became something that counts as an important part of our continuous professional development.

Like many great ideas, it didn’t hit just one person but several.

And that is how #ELTchat was created.    

The website to keep up the communication of its members, a base and repository of our ideas was one of the first things we all thought of creating – the wiki came later.

Andy Chaplin was keen to join the moderation team and help with podcasts and technical stuff; he was quick to buy eltchat.com and announced the good news to us after the fact.

A few months later, right after TESOL France 2011,  he suddenly disappeared – some say for reasons of health.

We never found out for sure.

We never received a single word of response to our emails.

eltchat.com was and still is registered in his name.

And yesterday we lost it

On August 8 the domain expired and we have no way of taking over unless it goes up for sale again; it was very sad that Andy Chaplin did not find it appropriate to renew.

The news is really upsetting.

The work we have put in on this website cannot be told in a few simple words – but it has been a labour of love and we have got so much out of it that we have never regretted one single moment

We are pretty upset at the behaviour of this individual – disappointment is one big understatement.

But we trust that our community of #ELTchatters, our PLN for short, will again gather round the new domain which we have purchased – eltchat.org

It will take us a few days to put the website back on its feet

And all will be as it was before – all the posts in place all your thoughts and comments, all the polls and great summaries which got us on the shortlist of the ELTon Awards nominations

We will be back with a vengeance

We are not just a website – we did not get on the ELTon awards shortlist as just another website!!!


We are a great community of teachers and we have a Plan B!


See you all in September!!!

Barbara Hoskins Sakamoto      Bruno Andrade      Sue Annan

Andrea Wade      Henrick Hoprea      Mike Harrison

Sue Lyon Jones      Vicky Loras     Lizzie Pinard

Tyson Sebunt      Melania Paduraru      Vicky Saumell

David Dogson      Lesley Cioccarelli      Cecilia Lemos

Fiona Price      Miguel Mendoza      Arjana Blazic

Doug Peterson     Chiew Pang

Huge Thanks for all these reposts  

Marisa Constantinides – Shaun Wilden

Tamas Lorincz


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